Pressable Inc.


Pressable Inc.

Pressable is a hosting site for Business and Developers to keep their wordpress sites on.

Company Profile

Pressable (formerly ZippyKid) offers managed WordPress hosting for people who like WordPress, but don't want to deal with the security, scalability, and updates of WordPress or it's plugin eco-system.

Their motto is "Focus on your content, not your content management system".

The Founder is a contributor to the wp-hackers mailing list, the wordpress stackexchange, and numerous other open source PHP and Linux projects. He has an extensive background in hosting, a company he was the senior sysadmin for was bought by Rackspace in 2003. He has also served as a PHP consultant for fortune 500 companies, the breadth of knowledge in PHP, Linux, Apache and MySQL lends itself to a level of expertise in managing high volume WordPress sites that is not easy to find in the WordPress community.

There are 3 basic plans, ranging from $25/month to $399/month. Custom plans are available for sites that don't fit into the three plans.

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