AdOptimizer Review

adoptimizer review

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Adverts that won’t tear your pocket!

You can greatly reduce the amount you spend advertising your brand by using adOptimizer, the artificial intelligence powered advertising tool.

As humans, the most basic things that we spend money on are rent, food and if you are a business owner – ultimately advertisements. While there is really no way of controlling the amount you spend on rent and food (unless you just eat beans), the case is different with advertising. With software, there are great ways to effectively manage your advertisement on Facebook, Google, and Instagram.

One such tool is the adOptimizer.

What adOptimizer will do for you?

  • With adoptimizer, you will be able to do the following;
  • Create various advertisement variations within seconds
  • Improve your ROI using the adOptimizer’s algorithms
  • Obtain real-time analytics with a few clicks
  • Use the best advert to target your audience

Here is how adOptimizer works;

  • You provide adOptimizer with 5 different ad creatives
  • They create 50 variations of those ads and set them live
  • After running that ad for a day, they take the ad info and run it through A.I algorithms to optimize your ad for your audience
  • It then sets the best performing ads to continue for the rest of your campaign

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For instance, when running an ad on Facebook, it becomes practically impossible without figuring out the best targeting parameters to deploy. But adOptimizer will select the best ad, creative, audiences and then copy information relying on Google and Facebook’s API – you will feel comfortable knowing that your ROI result will be far better than just winging it.

Immediately variations are tested, this tool will then use another algorithm with a view to enabling continuous use of the best selected ads until such a time that the highest performing ad is sustained. This will honestly save you some money because the optimization will continue throughout the entire campaign.

adOptimizer is designed to test over hundreds of variations per day and this will continue until only the best ads that are suitable to your audience is sustained. As of now, several brands and businesses are making use of adOptimizer to reduce the cost of advertisement on social media. This tool works like magic.

adOptimizer has a business plan that is valued for over $1,680 annually.

This plan includes the following;

  • The ability to link your Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display ad accounts
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • All trackable goals
  • Up to $5,000 a month in ad spend
  • Use your own Ad Accounts
  • Online support
  • AI automatic optimization
  • Report builder
  • AdAnalyzer
  • Access to training

At this juncture, we know that you are already thinking if you can afford this tool. But here is the shocker; you can actually enjoy all these benefit by grabbing a lifetime access to this powerful tool with just $49. Isn’t it cool?

This amazing deal is provided by our friends at AppSumo.

It is important to mention here that a minimum of $300 needs to be spent for the machine algorithms to collect enough data to optimize. With adOptimizer algorithm tests, you will be able to gain insightful data on your advertisement campaigns.

One interesting feature of adOptimizer is that the real-time analytics is simple to understand even to a novice and also accessible on any device.

An advertisement is a key ingredient when it comes to marketing your brand. No matter the position of your startup, we are here to help you get started. Therefore, instead of spending thousands of dollars targeting your audience, you can get lifetime access to adOptimizer with just $49.

When you have a lifetime access to adOptimizer, you stand to enjoy the following benefits;

  • Link all your social media ad accounts
  • All trackable goals
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • AdAnalyzer
  • Report builder
  • Increase ad spend by stacking 2 codes
  • Access to training
  • AI automatic optimization
  • Online support
  • No processing fee
  • Use your own ad account
  • 60-day money back guarantee.

Place your order now before this great deal expires!


AdOptimizer Coupon Code at the link below.

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