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Dear Founder,

I know that building a startup is hard. 

Whether you have been in business for years or just starting out, you are wondering:

  • What are the best apps for my particular business model?
  • How do I get a competitive edge?
  • How do I not break the bank getting it?

Being a founder and digital marketer myself I know how hard scaling a business is when you don't have the right apps or when those apps cost a fortune. In fact 24% of startups fail because of running out of cash (study hereand quality apps (especially subscription apps) can be a large overhead.

This is why I started Bootstrapps

To showcase the best lifetime deals & bonuses for startups.

After browsing this website you will notice AppSumoStackSocial and our exclusive deals get featured most, simply because they are the best bang for buck! However you will also find deals from other platforms like PitchGround, DealMirror and others all with our exclusive bonus of a free WordPress plugin. (Make sure to watch the bonus claims video to qualify).

Now you might be thinking.

I don't see the lifetime deal I want?

Now that may be true but with a little persuasion and the power of the crowd, the app you most want could be offered for a lifetime deal.

This is where the Bootstrapps Wait-List comes into play where you privately and confidentially add your name to a wait-list of your favorite apps. The more people who join, the more likely the app maker will take notice and offer an exclusive deal.

Get started in 3 steps.

Step 1

Begin your Search

Every page has a search button top right.

Step 2

Browse Available Apps

If you don't find the app you want, scroll down to submit a product request.

Step 3

Join a Wait List

Each app has a button to join and show your support to the developers for a lifetime deal. You will only get emails about the apps you want. 

Does this really work?

The best answer I can offer you is what other “Bootstrappers” had to say.

How to always get a Bonus?

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Good to Know

The Bonus WordPress plugin promotion is available for all purchases made on Bootstrapps regardless of order value (even $1 trials qualify).

You can add your name to as many app wait-lists as you like and you won't get multiple emails.

The more people on a wait-list, the more likely we all are to get a better deal. But the only way this works is if you share this website with your friends and colleagues and get them to add their names to the apps you most want.

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If you don't find your app you can use the product request form.

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Everything you need to build a thriving business for yourself and clients is available to you at the best price.

We even have technology & gear to boost your productivity online and offline.

Find a better deal and we will beat it.

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